Tom Fagernes, Owner / Coach at TF Training

I have found that one of the biggest issues with businesses that are trying to scale is that they are too dependant on their owners. And if they go away on a holiday for any period, they return to a business in chaos.

My income used to be tied to the number of hours I worked, and quickly realised that this had to change if I was going to be able to spend more time with my family, travelling etc.

And so, TF Training and my objective to be “The Freedom Man” was born! 

Practice what you preach! Here I am in Flinders Ranges, SA

I am helping Customers In the following areas 

Business Systems Audit

I help business owners identify the areas of their businesses where their systems are not working properly and costing them valuable time. We work together to find solutions for solving these issues and create a plan. 

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QGIS Training

I offer introductory QGIS training courses for organisations and individuals – More information here